Here at Heating & Cooling, Incorporated  we appreciate customer loyalty!  The best compliment you can pay is to refer your family and friends to Heating & Cooling, Incorporated.  Many of our customers make referrals on a regular basis and we want to reward them.  We are pleased to announce our Rewards Program. 

Refer your family and friends for cash! 

If your referral purchases a heating & cooling system you receive $100 in cash or 10% off service or maintenance of your system. 

We want to contact your referral at a time that is convenient for them.  If you can share any information regarding their most convenient time frame please do so in the comments of the referral form. 

Thank you for your willingness to entrust the care of your family and friends to us!  We protect all contact information and do not sell or share it ever.

Complete and submit your referral form now.  You may also print coupon here; write referral's contact info on the back and mail or drop it off our office.  

816 Flat Top Road, Shady Spring, WV  25918


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